We are Captain Accountant.
Accountants for Smart Businesses.

We are team of Experienced Professionals with an Zeal and Passion for Excellence and Innovation in our Services. We are based in City of Dreams-Mumbai. We endeavour to help you achieve your business goals.

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Tax Returns

We file Returns for Income Tax,
VAT(Sales Tax),
Service Tax,
Profesion Tax(PT) &
Registrar of Companies

Accounting and Book-Keeping

From Startups to Mid Sized Businesses.
Get a Professional and Qualified Accountant at reasonable rate.

Increase Profit

With our Cost Accounting, We help you find the Profit and Loss making products and services of your Business.
Helping you to make more profit.


Having doubts and troubles? We are there to Help You.

  • Technically & Professionally competent.
  • Professional Service at reasonable charges.
  • Friendly and Respectful towards Clients.
  • Honest, Ethical and Accountable.

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